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RCI Points Program Advantages


Unlike the traditional timeshare weeks ownership, RCI Points owners/members have some advantages with regard to being in the RCI Points program. Some advantages would include:

  • You can book lodging in less or more than 7 days stays. These partial booking weeks occur at the 10 month or less mark from check-in.
  • Points Partners program. Exchange your RCI Points for items such as rental cars, airfare or cruises. You can exchange your RCI Points with hundreds of Points Partners travel and leisure companies that help you get virtually anywhere you want to go. Enjoy hundreds of products and services ideally suited to a lifestyle of vacation and travel.
  • The Cruise Experience, your RCI Points membership gives you access to wonderful cruise vacations through the Points Partners.
  • Car Rentals, your RCI Points membership gives you access to rent automobiles through the Points Partners.
  • Air fare, your RCI Points membership gives you access to wonderful airline bookings through the Points Partners.
  • Last minute bookings. Schedule a vacation anywhere in the world within 30 days of check-in and it will only cost you only 9,000 or less for the entire week no matter what the point value is on the points grid.
  • The ability to borrow from your next year's deposit. You have the ability to borrow RCI Points from next year's deposit, if you don't have enough points to make an exchange. There is no real additional cost to borrow, but you can use this
    feature in a couple of different ways. It could put off purchasing an additional timeshare property for a bit longer, or even be a way to accomodate the need for a slightly larger unit than what you own.
  • RCI Points are good for 2 years. You can borrow for free the next years without paying maintenance fees.
  • In many ways the RCI Points account is more flexible and has more features. The ability to borrow, transfer and even rent points is available in an RCI Points account -- but not at a in a Weeks account.
  • You can also receive points from another RCI Points Member and there is no charge for doing it. A points member
    that has some points that are close to expiring, might give them to another member so they can be used for an exchange;
    rather then letting them expire worthless.
  • RCI Points Deals offer amazing savings—up to 50% off the RCI Points value—on great resort vacations. Stretch your RCI Points
    with these great savings.
  • RCI Cancellation Protection allows an RCI Points member to not have to worry about losing your RCI Points if you cancel your exchange vacation plans when you've taken advantage of RCI Cancellation Protection. Members who enroll protect their vacation.


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