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How do I become an RCI Points member?


In order to become an RCI Points member you must first own a timeshare which will be a points resort in the RCI Exchange network of resorts. Here are a few ways and information in finding that RCI Points Resort. To find a listing of the RCI Points resorts view pages 25-55 of the RCI Points Disclosure Guide.

  • Contact a resort which is already in the RCI Points system and purchase directly from the resort at retail pricing.
  • Call us and let us find a resale at the resort of choice and pay resale pricing and sale thousands!
  • Owners have reported buying their RCI Points retail from their resort on tour for as low as $0.41 per point to over $1.25 a point!
  • Pricing will always be based on the number of points that were purchased and all resorts are not the same.
  • If you own at an RCI Points resort and are a weeks owner, you have the option of going through the resorts RCI Points conversion agent to convert your weeks ownership into points.  You wil pay the the resorts conversion agent a fee to convert your week into RCI Points.  We have heard people paying anywhere from $1,495 to almost $5,000 for such a conversion.
  • Buying on the resale market will save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price. Call us today and get wholesale pricing.
  • Let us find you an RCI Points account already converted to RCI Points by the previous owner and at closing pay RCI a minimal fee to keep the ownership in points. A typical fee of $224 keeps your new ownership in RCI Points and gives you your first year's membership to RCI exchange network ready to start exploring vacation ownership through points.
  • Buying on the resale market will give you all the benefits of the RCI Points system as it would if you purchased retail from the resort.

Not sure how many points you may need?  View the RCI Resort Points Grid and see how many points you may need to travel to resorts all over the world. Let us explain how you can use the grid and get the most out of your ownership! Call today 855-400-2204 and speak to and be represented a licensed real estate broker.

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