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Points for Week deposits


Points for Deposit allows RCI Points® subscribing members, who also own an eligible* week at an RCI Weeks affiliated resort, to deposit that week with RCI and receive Points for that deposit. They can then use those Points in the RCI Points exchange program.

When you combine your ownerships in this way, you can increase your Points balance and benefit even more from the flexibility of the RCI Points program, opening up possibilities for stays at resorts for which you may otherwise have had insufficient Points, longer trips, or even more trips.  To give you a general idea of wht your non-points resort is worth click on the Points Grid for Weeks Resort.  Locate your geographical area, find the size of unit and season you own and the rating of the resort.  This point value is a general guide as to what your week would be worth when depositing it for points in your RCI Points account

  • Even if your week is already deposited in the RCI Weeks exchange program, if it is eligible for Points for Deposit, you can still take advantage of this program.
  • *You will be able to deposit if your resort is an Eligible Resort:
  •  *The resort you deposit must be an RCI resort.
  • *You must be a North American (NA) resident owning a NA Points Membership and depositing weeks from resorts in the Americas or Africa from resorts that are NOT in the RCI Points system.
  • *Names must be exactly the same on both your Points and Weeks membership.
  • Points for Deposit Schedule:                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Number of Days
    Prior to Start Date
    Percent of Point
    Value Assigned
    90 days or greater 100%
    89 – 46 days 75%
    45 –30 days 50%
    29 – 0 days 0%

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