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RCI Point Partners


Some of the most important features of the RCI Points Program...

As a member of the RCI Points program, RCI allows you to exchange a certain number or percentage of your points for travel discounts on products and services, such as car rentals, airfare, cruising hotel stays and more. You may want to book a flight or rental car for your vacation or maybe just get out of Dodge for the week-end to book a hotel stay, well why not use your RCI Points for that?

Each one of the Point Partners has its own minimum and maximum point levels that will be eligible for you to use. As a general rule in each calendar year, you may use an amount of 33% of your annual point allotment with a maximum of 250,000 points, whichever is greater. If you are an RCI Platinum member you will be able to use a higher proportion of points in the program.   Keep in mind these point levels may change from time to time.

Want to book some aspect of travel and it is in the middle of the night?  No problem, RCI offers 24/7 access to your account and have access to the most current RCI Points discounts.


The Benefits


  • Request vacation accommodations at any of the 4,500 resorts within the RCI network.
  • Book car rentals with your RCI points.
  • Need a week-end away?  Book hotels with your points.
  • Want to go on a cruise?  Visit RCI and use your points for cruising as well.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of booking your travel needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and search like you were using any other travel website.
  • Have peace of mind that RCI offers a Best Rate Guarantee so you know you will be getting a great deal.
  • Call us today to become an RCI Points owner and member with these truly great benefits in all you travel needs. Call 855-400-2204


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