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Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the most frequently asked questions on RCI Points...

What are RCI points?

RCI Points is a type of timeshare ownership in an RCI affiliated resort. RCI has assigned a point value for your specific resort unit. All RCI points resorts are assigned a certain number of points for a vacation stay of one week. Usage may be for one night or more, for any size unit and any time of the year. The points can be exchanged through RCI for shorter or longer vacations in any unit size desired, as well as for travel-related products, including airfare, cruises, car rental, and hotel reservations which are know as Point Partners.

What does RCI Gold Crown Resort property mean?

RCI has three resort award designations to recognize those resorts that have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality and guest satisfaction.  The Gold Crown rating is the highest quality rated resort in the RCI network of resorts.

Do I actually own a Week or do I have Points?

You may own a specific week at the resort or the resort may assign you an allotment of Points but you are not assigned a specific week. Check with your home resort to have that specific question answered.

What if I own both Points weeks and non-Points weeks with RCI?

For only one annual membership fee you will have two RCI accounts one RCI weeks account and one RCI Points account. You will be able use your weeks account and your points account as separate transactions. What's great is you may be able to deposit your weeks resort and use them as RCI Points account. Check with RCI to determine if your weeks resort qualifies.

What if I want to stay at my own resort?

Sure, you can vacation at your own resort. You can make your reservation at your own resort 12 months in advance. Just call them and reserve your date.

How does RCI come up with the Point values of the resorts?

The Point values are based upon several variables including location of resort, resort quality, resort amenities, unit configuration and time of year.

What if I want to send someone else to use my reservation?

Your reservation can be given to anyone you wish. Just place a Guest Certificate on the reservation. Guests must be at least 21 years old. Some resorts, however, may have higher age requirements.

Can I borrow Points?

You can borrow your Points from the next Use Year at any time.

How do I save Points?

Points will automatically be saved at the end of the Use Year. You may also call your Vacation Counselor to save your Points to the next Use Year.

What happens to the Points once they are saved?

Once Points are saved, they will expire at the end of the Use Year into which they were saved. Points that have been saved, may be borrowed back, but cannot be saved into a third Use Year.

How do I reserve inventory from an RCI Points Partner?

Once you have selected your RCI Points Partner option on which you wish to utilize your Points, call your Vacation Counselor.

How far in advance can I book with an RCI Points Partner?

RCI Points Partners can be reserved as far in advance as the rules associated with that partner will allow. Call your Vacation Counselor for details.

How do I exchange with RCI if I am an RCI Points member?

As a member of RCI Points, you are automatically a member of RCI Weeks. If you want to travel to an RCI-affiliated resort that does not participate in RCI Points, you may request an RCI Exchange to the property. The Points Exchange Grid in your directory shows you the number of Points you will need to book a particular season and size of unit. When you are ready to make the reservation, simply call your Vacation Counselor to check the availability.

What happens when I cancel a confirmed RCI Exchange that was made with RCI Points?

You will be given a credit to use for an RCI Exchange week. That credit will be good until two years from the date you initiated the RCI Exchange request.

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