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RCI Points Grid

Trying to determine how many points you need can be frustrating, so let us help...


Most important factors in buying RCI Points...


  • Buy only the amount of RCI Points you need. (It's OK to go over but be sure not to underbuy).
  • Buy at the lowest purchase cost you can get.
  • Buy a resort with low maintenance fees. (Call us and we will advise you).
  • Base your usage on how many weeks you may want to travel each year.
  • Buy from a licensed Real Estate Brokerage so your purchase is protected.


Understanding the RCI Points Grid...

  • Open the RCI Points Grid by clicking here....
  • Scroll to any resort in an area that you would like to vacation at.
  • Next, view the size of unit you will be needing. There may be more than one of the same size unit so look at the occupany number you may require.
  • Under the column of unit size needed, now you will look for the week number(s) you may be vacationing.
  • Once you compare unit size and probable vacation week you can chart to see the required amount of RCI Points required to book that unit.
  • If you are going on more than one vaction do the same and fiqure how many more points are needed for your family.
  • Once you've added all the required number of points needed you'll have a rather good idea of the number of points you should be looking to purchase.
  • Call us and we will find the best deal for you and your family at greatly discounted pricing. Call today! 570-979-1000.


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