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RCI Points Weeks Reservations


Requirements for RCI Points to Weeks resort reservations...

RCI Points, the currency for timeshare usage and more can be used for both RCI Points resorts as well as all RCI Weeks resorts. To help you better understand the required value of a weeks resorts needed points from your RCI Points account check out this points grid...

Owners of Weeks type timeshares are limited in a number of ways.  The size of the unit that they own, quality of resort, how far in advance they must request an exchange to be successful, the season in which they own.  These are all variants that can cause confusion and frustration in understanding the exchange.  RCI Points takes all that away.  Just figure, where, when, how long  and what size you need and check availability and if you have enough points to complete the exchange and its done!

How do you know what is best for you?  Get a general idea of the number of points you may require for your family's vacationing needs and find the resort with the cheapest maintenance fees.  The whole idea is in increase the quality of vacations you are taking and hopefully increasing the number and converting it to a chaeper cost for yourselves.  That's the ticket!

Here are the two grids necessary to get a great idea of the number of points you may require.  If you'd like help with understanding it don't hesitate to call us and we will explain it.  Check out these resources.  Points resorts grid...  Weeks resorts grid. and of course How RCI Points Works.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of how it works and the number of points it will require to go on your vacation of choice, give us a call and we will find the best deal out there for you.  Call today 855-400-2204 or direct at 570-979-1000.


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